Virus Removal

PC Virus Removal Service

Computer viruses are one of the main causes of PC failure. There are a couple of different ways to approach this problem depending on how bad the operation of the computer has been effected.

There is a balance that needs to be struck between the:

1) effort & cost of a guaranteed virus removal by the complete system reinstallation, and
2) the potential savings of the above for a virus cleaning/repair approach that does not guarantee the results of the above.

If the customers computer is running very slowly or hardly functioning, and has few user-installed programs with limited data (pictures & Word documents etc), plus most program CDs to hand; then we would recommend the full reinstallation approach. This is because if a PC is hardly functioning, then a cleaning/repair approach generally has a limited effect and the lack of user-installed programs with limited data, means that the job will become less costly due to less time spent on the fix.

On the other hand; if it is just a case of a few "niggles" such as the odd error message, a slight dip in running speed, or a program occasionally playing up, then a cleaning or repair patching might do the trick. This is the approach if combined with the customer having lots of user-installed programs and data that would take ages to backup + reinstall, hence bump the overall repair cost right up.