PC & Internet Setup

PC & Broadband Installation

Even when you buy a new computer, there is still a fair bit of work that needs to be done to set it up to work with all the desired equipment and software you have bought. I often do this as a separate service, saving the customer a lot of time and frustration.

Setting-up a new PC is actually quite a time-consuming task. There is the assembly and connection of all the hardware: PC base unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer (all-in-one), modem router and any other additional hardware like external hard drives, desktop speakers etc.

Once this is out of the way, the computer system recovery CDs should be made, the Broadband Service software and hardware setup and any additional bought software installed like "Office" and "Symantec Security Suite", for example.

I can generally get this done within two-to-two and a half hours (£65-£80) max. If you are not used to doing this kind of thing, then I wouldn't bother planning to do anything else for the whole day if you want to get it installed on that same day.