Upgrades & Installations

PC Upgrades

Most PC upgrades will still be considerably cheaper than going out and buying a new computer. The reasons for the desired new PC generally strike five main points being:

  • Increased performance - RAM memory upgrade
  • Increased storage - Insert higher capacity 1st or 2nd drive
  • Improved graphics - Insert higher performance graphics card
  • Improved sound - Insert higher performance sound card
  • Improved sofware features - Install new operating system

All of the above upgrades are justifiable in terms of cost, with the most difficult being the operating system upgrade. The most challenging part of computer upgrade for a non-technical person would be trying to match the required upgrade component with their specific PC. We will give you free 'no obligation' advice to let you know exactly how much the cost would be for your desired PC upgrade including parts and labour, then you can decide from there what you want to do.