Six most common PC failure causes - FAQs

Q: My computer is not starting at all, with no sound coming from the back of machine.
A: Generally, this is down to Power Supply failure, and the PSU (Power Supply Unit) will need to be replaced. Very occassionally, it can be the power switch. In the case of a laptop, power-up from the mains without the battery installed to determine if it is the battery.

Q: Over time; my computer has become much slower and is not functioning properely.
A: This is usually down to a virus with this combination. If it is just one or the other, then this can be because of too many programs and files on the PC, for the former - requiring a system clear-out, or some hardware failure for the latter - requiring a hardware troubleshooting procedure to find the offending part.

Q: I can't get connected to the Internet, with my browser displaying a: "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" Error Message.
A: If your PC is working fine itself, then the problem is most likely isolated to either the modem/router, the PC's PCI adapter, or cable/filter issues. Always contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) first, as testing for connection problems is all part of their service package, and they can at least usually isolate the problem and give you a course of action to follow from there.

Q: I have multi-coloured stripes running down my PC monitor with discolouration.
A: This will be either the monitor or graphics card failure, requiring the replacement of whichever is the cause. Determining which one it is can be done by simply borrowing a monitor from a friend or neighbour and plugging it into the computer. This can also be done with most laptops using the blue monitor port.

Q: My computer starts but doesn't get any further than the white writing display or makers logo.
A: Mostly, this will be down to either the hard drive failing or a severely damged operating system (XP, Vista, Windows7 etc). Try to reinstall the operating system first from the discs if you have them, and you will find out if it is hard drive failure, because the process will simply halt at some point. If you have valuable files on the PC, then they will need to be retrieved first, as they will all be wiped off the drive otherwise. Most computers these days have a built-in feature to allow you to reinstall the operating system with the option of saving the valuable files and just overwriting the system files only, so try this first if your PC has this feature.

Q: My laptop won't start from the battery.
A: You could take a chance and simply buy a replacement battery; as this will most likely be the cause, if your laptop boots ok from the mains power. A less likely cause could be a motherboard component related to the battery failing.